About SubCultureHopping

Back in the eighties some bandmates of mine would announce that we were going subculture hopping and we’d head out to places that white suburban kids like us were not ordinarily found. Places like inner city blues clubs, West Indian chicken joints, biker country western bars in the sticks, etc. We weren’t going to be snotty kids mocking the locals- these places nearly always exposed us to great music and great food and great people.

I always liked the phrase but now with the global world intimately connected, subculture has taken on an entirely expanded definition. Subcultures aren’t just sociological or ethnic. They cross borders and age groups. They may be things like Occupy and Arab Spring, start-up culture, crowdfunding and crafting. Somewhere, somebody is an expert on anything you can imagine. This blog is about finding those experts, wherever they are, whether its a marketplace or a boardroom, a bodega or a resort, a city or a cave somewhere.

I’m just getting started but I can’t and don’t want to do this myself. I’m going to add some guest bloggers as I go, based on good writing, great links and wide-ranging interests, like my own…or not!

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