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The power of telling a great story

This is not a post about writing fiction, it is about the power of stories in marketing. Stories, if compelling, can greatly increase the value of a product or service. This article in the Harvard Business Review raised my eyebrows but confirmed something I am constantly telling clients and the startups I work with. But […]

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Are books software?

They are now. But I’d argue that they were the original software: they help you learn things and skills, they are communication tools and they are easily reproducible. And now they actually are software, as digital files. I’ve been thinking about this because I’m teaching, with two others, a launchpad class of twelve software startups, […]

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Innovocracy Explained

I am part of a small group developing a new business at It is a crowdfunding site developed to help research universities use social funding to commercialize inventions. As a B corporation, we are a for-profit business with a social mission. We are building a network of innovation in academia. I’ve recently published our […]

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Laziness and Innovation

Are the most innovative people also the hardest working? I think there may be an argument that a certain degree of laziness can be incentive for innovation. Remember the concept of ‘labor-saving devices’? This was a big catchphrase for new household technology in the fifties. Washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners- all were invented to reduce […]

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