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Watching Snow Melt

A 56 degree sunny day in March is a real gift after this brutally cold winter. Knowing we’re looking at a ferocious winter storm for tomorrow with 40 mph winds, 20″ of snow and temps dropping into the single digits, makes it even more so. I took a walk up to the reservoir in Highland […]

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News and Newspapers

I read the Washington Post online every morning over coffee- or at least I did before they instituted a ridiculously expensive paywall. Now I scan the headlines on the Home page and occasionally look at an article if I haven’t reached my monthly limit of 20 free reads, which is better than the Times which […]

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Crows and triggers

I’ve been searching for an action point in my novel to move it towards a climax. A trigger of sorts. Today, while walking (actually more like slogging through the slush) it came to me as an image. I’m introducing a lot of crows to the scene. We have a flock here in the city that […]

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Boredom and meditation

I’ve been rereading Ani Tenzin Palmo’s Reflections On A Mountain Lake, my favorite example of contemporary Buddhist thinking. Tenzin Palmo went to India from England at age 19 in the early sixties after discovering Buddhism, in particular Tibetan Buddhism, which she immediately intuited was her way. She found a teacher, spent several years in India […]

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Innovocracy Explained

I am part of a small group developing a new business at It is a crowdfunding site developed to help research universities use social funding to commercialize inventions. As a B corporation, we are a for-profit business with a social mission. We are building a network of innovation in academia. I’ve recently published our […]

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On Dating and Meeting New People: Stop Traveling in Packs

For a lot of people the thought of going out alone is very uncomfortable. This is particularly so for many women because of feeling like a target or a possible victim. I understand this but it is much harder to connect with someone new if you’re traveling with a pack of close friends or co-workers. […]

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