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On Dating and Meeting New People: Stop Traveling in Packs

For a lot of people the thought of going out alone is very uncomfortable. This is particularly so for many women because of feeling like a target or a possible victim. I understand this but it is much harder to connect with someone new if you’re traveling with a pack of close friends or co-workers. […]

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Laziness and Innovation

Are the most innovative people also the hardest working? I think there may be an argument that a certain degree of laziness can be incentive for innovation. Remember the concept of ‘labor-saving devices’? This was a big catchphrase for new household technology in the fifties. Washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners- all were invented to reduce […]

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The Third Of July 2011

Last year I made the voluntary choice to turn my leased car in and become carless. I wasn’t driving much, the lease was finished and it didn’t make sense to buy another one, so I thought I’d try being an urban American without a car. After all, in large cities like NYC, owning a car […]

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