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How writing changes the way you read

I have been a voracious reader since I accidentally learned to read at age three. Something about that experience also resulted in my being a natural speed reader, something I can take no credit for. As a result I have read thousands of books. I even spent a year of my life working in Scrantom’s […]

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Word Counts and Writing

I’m working on a novel. I’ve written for a living for many years now- but not fiction, other than few weak attempts years ago. But this time is different, in part because I am following advice I heard long ago that never registered. The gist of it is write everyday, don’t worry too much about […]

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Going to the Idea Store

Last night I mentioned to a friend’s wife that I was writing a novel. Why I did this is a very good question but another rant. She asked me where I get my ideas. I was completely at a loss for words. I mumbled something like ‘I don’t know’ and tried to change the subject. […]

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