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Writing About Painting

I’ve found myself in an odd place with my new novel The Arrowsmith’s Daughter. The story deals with Buddhism and artists and was influenced by the many connections in the mid-century art scene between Buddhist philosophy and minimalist/abstract art. The novel takes place in modern time but the back story involves a fictional famous painter […]

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Fantasy Without Dragons: The Challenge of Messing With Reality in Adult Contemporary Fiction

When I was working on my first novel, The Rememberers, I struggled, like many writers, to answer the question ‘what is it about?’. First, understanding what you’re really writing about isn’t always obvious when you’re in the thick of it. And encapsulating a 75,000 word story into a soundbite isn’t easy, even for a professional […]

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Before I began the rewrite process for The Rememberers I’d read quite a bit from writers I respect on how the process worked for them, but I did not really understand how much work it would be. Most spent a lot of time on this part of the process, often as much or more time […]

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The power of telling a great story

This is not a post about writing fiction, it is about the power of stories in marketing. Stories, if compelling, can greatly increase the value of a product or service. This article in the Harvard Business Review raised my eyebrows but confirmed something I am constantly telling clients and the startups I work with. But […]

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News and Newspapers

I read the Washington Post online every morning over coffee- or at least I did before they instituted a ridiculously expensive paywall. Now I scan the headlines on the Home page and occasionally look at an article if I haven’t reached my monthly limit of 20 free reads, which is better than the Times which […]

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