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Are books software?

They are now. But I’d argue that they were the original software: they help you learn things and skills, they are communication tools and they are easily reproducible. And now they actually are software, as digital files. I’ve been thinking about this because I’m teaching, with two others, a launchpad class of twelve software startups, […]

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Crows and triggers

I’ve been searching for an action point in my novel to move it towards a climax. A trigger of sorts. Today, while walking (actually more like slogging through the slush) it came to me as an image. I’m introducing a lot of crows to the scene. We have a flock here in the city that […]

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The art of ending, novels and paintings

I’m almost done with my novel but I’m stuck on how to end it. This appears to be a fairly common problem with writers in general but it is still frustrating. I’ve gone through my bookshelf looking at endings by authors I respect. A surprising number of them abruptly kill off a main character: Gatsby, […]

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How writing changes the way you read

I have been a voracious reader since I accidentally learned to read at age three. Something about that experience also resulted in my being a natural speed reader, something I can take no credit for. As a result I have read thousands of books. I even spent a year of my life working in Scrantom’s […]

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Word Counts and Writing

I’m working on a novel. I’ve written for a living for many years now- but not fiction, other than few weak attempts years ago. But this time is different, in part because I am following advice I heard long ago that never registered. The gist of it is write everyday, don’t worry too much about […]

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