Laziness and Innovation

Are the most innovative people also the hardest working?

I think there may be an argument that a certain degree of laziness can be incentive for innovation. Remember the concept of ‘labor-saving devices’? This was a big catchphrase for new household technology in the fifties. Washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners- all were invented to reduce work.

Fast forward to the present and the ubiquitous smartphone, which really should be called pocket computer and communication device (You can bet that ain’t going to catch on!). We don’t need maps, phone books, encyclopedias, radios, or a particular requirement to remain in one place any more. Great for us lazy people.

Obviously these things are not created by lazy people- no one ever accused Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg or Bill Gates of being lazy. But they created things to help the rest of us have an easier life. Their market motivation is to improve the world and make a profit in the process. And that is driven by us lazy people. So give yourself some credit when you’re being guilted by a workaholic…you’re a source of innovation!

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