The Rememberers, a novel by Martin Edic

Novel by Martin Edic, The RememberersMy principal writing activity these days is an immersion into long form fiction. I’m currently working on a novel called The Arrowsmith’s Daughter. Last November I published my first novel, The Rememberers, as an ebook for Kindle. It will be available in paperback soon. I am also working on a sequel called Mover.

Here’s the description from Amazon:

The Rememberers is the story of a man who is uncomfortable with the complacency of his life as he moves through middle age. Ray finds himself reminiscing as the city he loves hurtles into the new century. His complacency is destroyed when he meets a beautiful woman who claims to know him intimately, while he has no memory of her. Walking her home after their initial meeting he finds himself in a neighborhood that cannot exist in his experience of the city.

While in that neighborhood he meets a silent barista whose presence will unravel his life and cause him to question the reliability of memory. She is a rememberer and she tells him he is a mover, able to help others move between places that may or may not be part of the reality he thinks he knows so well.

As he begins to contemplate this new state of things, a series of events, seemingly choreographed by a distant benefactor and moved forward by a trio of powerful women, begin to unfold. He finds himself in possession of an ancient house bordering an abandoned railway in the old neighborhood. Exploring, he finds an entrance to an entirely new place. He is tempted to enter that passage but must first understand the nature of a true risk, one that may mean the loss of everything familiar.

The Rememberers is work of literary fiction that utilizes alternate realities in a realistic way to explore memory, loss, risk and, ultimately, transformation.

From The Rememberers:

“Those fantasies were also superseded by the reality of worlds we made as we went out on our own. Yet, a chance encounter at a burning building by a river on a supernaturally warm winter evening with a beautiful, mysterious woman…it seemed impossibly enchanting when you considered it in those words. But I was encountering this unworldly world not as an open-eyed youth but as an adult– and it is a very adult place. No dragons, no wizards, no overt magic. But what of magic? Unanswered questions, strange unmarked keys, a woman who lunges into my bed and takes what she wants… These are certainly an adult form of magic when taken in context of an otherwise boring life, or at least a boring interlude. I have never had patience with boredom. Do you get what you wish for? And is a call to a bar with a strange sexy girl such a bad thing?”

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