One Way To…An Idiosyncratic Guide To Doing Things

One way? A sort of ‘my way or the highway’ thing? No. One Way To is just that: One way (not the only way) to get things done that you’ve struggled with. There’s a simple reason for this approach. Anything you pursue, whether it’s health, relationships, addictions, financial success, happiness or whatever, has many ways. And there are books, gurus, coaches, systems, schools of thought, religions, you name it, to help you do it. And that’s the problem, at least the way I see it. How do you sort through all that good (and bad) stuff to find the way that works for you? The way that you’ll actually pursue and that might actually work.
I’m like a lot of people when it comes to this stuff. There are a lot of these things I’d like to change in my life, change or improve. But I’m lazy in certain ways. I want to cut through the baloney and get to the good stuff, the actual things I can do to get these changes and improvements. This book is about my ways, the ones I found that I actually could accomplish.

Some of them are not things that I need personally- weight loss for example. I’m thin and have always been. But there is a perspective I can bring to that subject. Lots of skinny people end up fat, especially as we age. But staying that way is the result of a series of habits, habits that can be changed. I’ll look at one way to change and add new habits. But first I’m going to tackle weight loss. Please don’t hate me for being thin!

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