One Way To Lose and Keep Weight Off

Diets. There are literally thousands of books, articles, costly plans, seminars, supplements and other systems for losing weight. Many dieters try many systems, lose weight and gain it back. Like everything on One Way To, dieting is a habit change but a lot of these systems ask you to make very radical changes, adopt exercise and diet plans that are simply unrealistic for the average person or want to sell you dubious drugs that, if they do work, either cost a fortune or have potential for harm.
My system is very simple like all the One Way To systems. It only asks you to deal with one aspect of what you eat. There is no calorie counting, I don’t really care if you eat fat or meat and the size of your meals is a lot less important than you think. And there is a lazy day each week. More on that in a bit.

Stop Eating White Stuff

This is the core of the One Way To Lose Weight. Practically everything we eat that is white needs to go: White rice, pasta, white bread, sugar, anything made with white flour, potatoes, etc. As a general rule, no white food, period. That includes things with a lot of white ingredients in them, especially anything that is a sugar including corn syrup, fructose, sucrose, glucose- they’re all sugar. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Read Those Nutrition Labels

The first thing I want you to do is start reading those government nutrition labels that are on practically all foods including fast food menus (look on the back of the tray liners in MacDonalds and other restaurants). Just read them and look at two things: Carbohydrates (sugars) and Sodium (salt). The goal is to start building your awareness of the quantities of these things in our food.
I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. I don’t fit the typical profile for it as I’m fit, thin and eat well. That leaves a few things. Genetics and salt consumption for starters. Since I can’t do anything about the former, I started thinking about the latter, salt. According to the government we’re supposed to limit our salt consumption to about 3000 milligrams daily or a little less than a teaspoon of table salt. But my research told me that half that was the limit for reducing my salt intake. 1500 milligrams. So, that number in mind, I started looking at food labels as I shopped. There’s a lot of salt in everything, especially any prepared food (as opposed to cooking from scratch). It really hit home when I was wolfing down a double cheeseburger at MacDonalds for a quick lunch. That $1.39 sandwich has 1200 milligrams of salt in it or almost my entire allotment for a day.

Ten Teaspoons of Sugar in One Coke

Let’s get back to sugar, since that is the one thing we’re going to deal with as a weight loss plan. A twelve ounce cola has around 44 grams of sugar in it, or about ten teaspoons. Try eating ten teaspoons of sugar- you’ll probably make yourself a little ill. It’s a lot of sugar. But that is obvious sugar. What about all the non-obvious sugar out there? Generally, all those carbohydrates listed on food labels turn into sugar almost immediately upon entering your system. If you take all the food you eat daily, add up the carbs and convert them to sugar, you are looking at eating a pile of this stuff everyday. If you’re overweight, this is probably a really big pile. And it is not only making you fat, it is killing you. Ask anyone who has contracted diabetes 2 as they get older. It’s not fun, it can be fatal and it has fun side effects like having limbs atrophy. Our insane consumption of sugar is the major cause of obesity and diabetes.

Drink Water

Thinking about a soda or other sugary drink? Have a glass of water or unsweetened iced tea. Just drinking some water will take away that craving for soda. And its really good for you. Diet sodas? Bad stuff. These things are chemical bombs. But still better than sugary drinks.

Alcohol Is Sugar

Aside from white foods, prepared foods and sweetened drinks, we have another common source of massive amounts of sugar intake: Alcoholic drinks including beer, wine and liquor with or without sweetened mixers. Alcohol turns into sugar practically as soon as it hits your system, a lot of sugar. For years I was a vodka martini drinker. After starting to pay attention to sugar levels as part of my label reading habit, I noticed something that was both interesting and alarming. When I picked up a vodka martini, made with vodka, a splash of vermouth (a fortified white wine) and a twist of lemon, and took a sip, it was sweet in my mouth. Not a little sweet, as sweet as a cola. Considering that most non-martini drinking people think a martini just tastes like a glass of lighter fluid, this seemed strange. I’m no scientist but I think my system was trained to start converting that alcohol into sugar instantaneously as soon as it hit my system, perhaps leading to the jolt that serious drinkers crave. This is a chemical reaction and there is no reason why it couldn’t happen that fast.
The point here is that excessive alcohol consumption (more than two drinks for women and three for men) is excessive sugar consumption.

Fats and Meat

One thing I’m not telling you to stop eating is fat or meat. Our bodies need fats to survive and normal consumption of fats is not harmful for most people. If you have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol, watch your animal fats. Stick to olive oil and other vegetable oils. Butter is fine in moderation. As I said earlier, we’re not counting calories. But you’ll find that if you stop eating white foods, things like potato chips and French fries are off limits- potatoes are white food. Simply removing these sugar rich carb foods from your diet is going to eliminate a certain amount of fat intake.
Protein is another food group that our bodies need to be healthy. Meats and fish are the best sources of complete proteins for many of us. The key is to watch quantities. People in Mediterranean climates eat plenty of meats and fish, yet have much lower instances of heart disease and obesity. There are two likely reasons: Their diets are much lower in sugary foods and the amount of meat in a serving is much smaller. Italian and southern French cooks excel at stretching a piece of meat to extract flavor, in part because meat was a luxury item for many. The key to eating meat and other animal proteins? Portion size should be about the size of a deck of cards. And watch those cured meats- tons of salt. Use them sparingly as flavoring. A few slices of bacon or pancetta gives a great flavor base to almost any dish.

Lazy Day

But I love pasta and potatoes! And whole wheat pasta is awful (though it is getting better). I want my spaghettios! No problem. The final element of my diet is the lazy day. One day a week, eat anything you want (unless your doctor said no). Stuff your face, eat crap, eat yummy bad stuff.
There is a bit of a trick here. Once you get in the habit of watching what you eat and eliminating those sugary, salty foods, they don’t taste as good as they used to. These substances are addictive and as you wean yourself off of them you’re less likely to eat them even if it’s your lazy day.

The Deal:

  • Start Reading Labels On Everything You Buy
  • No White or High Carb Food
  • Drink Water
  • Restrict Alcohol, Wine Is Preferable
  • Fats and Meat Are OK, In Moderation
  • One Day A Week, Eat Anything You Want

That’s it….except I strongly suggest following my One Way To Get Fit (coming soon) along with your One Way Diet.

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