Stop Observing and Start Doing

I never used to take a camera on vacations. It always seemed that you either spent your time trying to catch representative pictures of your experiences or actually getting fully involved in those experiences. Going camera-less was my way of choosing the latter.

Today, virtually everyone of us has a camera with us at all times and pictures cost nothing. We have zillions of ways of displaying them, sharing them, altering them and even animating them and we can do it all on the fly. There’s just one problem. Instead of watching that glorious sunset or enjoying a fast ride across a lake, we’re looking at tiny screens and poking our fingers at tiny buttons.

This extends to everyday life. In just a couple of years it has become socially acceptable to immerse yourself in phoneworld regardless of where you are or who you’re with. I have a real problem with all of it- and I’m guilty myself. But I don’t check in and I don’t tell people where I am on Facebook (unless they’re looking for me for some legit reason). If I’ve met someone interesting, I’m talking to them, not texting or checking email or taking calls. If I have a call I must take (my mom is in the hospital and I have to take this call, etc.), I try to let my companion know ahead of time that I’m not being rude, I’m dealing with life.

Which is what it comes down to: dealing with life, right now. Stop looking at the world through a tiny screen. A real cool super high res version is right here- it’s called reality. and it’s in the best 3D (no glasses!) you’ve ever seen.

Finally, here’s another take on our increasing need to document everything. It’s a cartoon- take a look. Did you realize that you are collecting data for other people for free? Ouch, that’s robot work.

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