The Power Book: Who You Were is Not Who You Are

Far too many of us base our lifestyle on our perception of who we were rather who we are. One of the most common phrases you’ll hear from people who have expanded is:

“That’s who I used to be, I’m not that person any more.”

A lot of our judgement, ideas, beliefs and other values are based on choices we made at a very young age, choices that were very limited because of youth, dependence on others, lack of experience and resources, etc. In other words, on who we were, not who we are now. As a result, when faced with the desire or opportunity to expand, a core part of ourselves applies those limits from our past that say ‘I can’t do that’. Ironically, we almost always have far more experience and resources than we did when we defined ourselves in the past. If we don’t, we are in a damaged psychological state known as ‘arrested development’. Fortunately, real cases are of arrested development are not that common. Yet many of the choices we make are based on a person we were years ago. Recognizing and removing that restriction is the first step towards expansion. The first step towards that is learning and evaluating who we are now.

After all, Dylan sang:

“I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”

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