What I Do

I’ve been a writer all my life and more important, a reader. Like anything else it requires a lot of practice and a lot of observation and discipline. When I was younger I never considered myself disciplined. But then I got interested in playing original music, specifically punk and New Wave in the eighties and ended up joining a band. That’s where I learned to work as a creative. We practiced 20-30 hours a week and eventually made records and toured as Hi-Techs and Personal Effects. Ironically, I learned the discipline required for writing by being in a band- you work everyday whether you’re in the mood or not.
After the band days I decide to try to write non-fiction books for a living. I learned how that works and ended up writing eight how-to books during the nineties for mid-level publishers. Not exciting but good practice. Then the Internet came along and I became a digital marketing ‘expert’ and most of my work migrated to online. But I always wanted to write novels and wrote a few bad ones (unpublished).
In early 2012 I had the glimmer of an idea, a story called The Rememberers, about how memory is so unreliable and what would happen if a special kind of creature came along that triggered long-forgotten memories, a rememberer. I started with the titles and an opening line and wrote every day, doing about 800 words, five days a week. The first draft was done nine months later and I began rewriting and getting first impressions from early readers. It was a fascinating experience. I am currently into my second novel called The Arrowsmith’s Daughter which deals with street art, Buddhism and love (I know, kind of big subjects!). I’m having fun with it so far. 
I’ve also just published a new business book, written with Alex Zapesochny, called The Customer Discovery Matrix: A Concise Guide To Starting Anything. It is based on my experience teaching lean startup methods to software startups. We believe the process can work with any new endeavor, including creative, community and business projects.

I live in Rochester, NY USA.

Martin Edic

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